Monday, February 22, 2010

Sombre Spring Moment

Gentle child of radiant light

Eostre’s kiss upon thy brow

Stretching limbs of green and white

As leaves appear on every bough

Sweet and gentle breeze of spring

Caress awake the flowers blooms

Returning birds in thine ears ring

As gentle rains do kiss the tombs

Of Ancients who have gone before

Mothers, Fathers, kin and friend

Names recalled in mind and lore

To guide us through to winter’s end

Where art thou, my love, my life?

Gone as with the snow and gloom.

Whence will thee return, my wife?

When death becomes your patient groom.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Imbolc with Silver Falls Grove

The interrelationships between the Groves in ADF is an interesting phenomenon to behold. I've had the privilege of attending my first non-3CG Grove Rite for Imbolc with Silver Falls Grove in Akron. Several of us Crane-kin traveled together to attend this rite, and to my happy surprise, there were a few folks down from StoneCreed, as well! Seeing everyone I haven't seen in months made me realize just how much I miss everyone.

I was the Bard for this rite, uh, -ish. I could have done a much better job, but I worked the night before and was a bit frazzled from driving and lack of sleep. Still, it was a beautiful rite, and I left feeling warm and content. I really enjoyed meeting the folks of SFG, and I am very pleased to say that I will also be attending Spring Equinox with them.

Snow is falling now, but one thing is certain, Spring is coming. I can feel it in my bones. I have seen the bits of green trying their best to make it through the snow and cold, and I know the Earth is stirring. It won't be long now.