Thursday, October 19, 2017

(Re)Creating the Cosmos: A Ritual Excerpt

The following is a small piece of liturgy for the (Re)creating the Cosmos portion of an ADF script. This piece is typically performed via song, and spelling out the words reminds us of the magic and sacrality that exist in this moment during our celebrations.

(Re)Creating the Cosmos

As the world was once a swirling void, Chaos of Potential pooling and flowing throughout the land, it was through sacrifice that order found its way into the world.

The Waters below are given a sacrifice of silvered work, destroyed now and removed from use, cast into the Well that the mouth of the Earth may open as a gate into the womb of the Mother and those who dwell in her chthonic Waterworld.

The Fires are fed with oil, sacrificed and transformed to smoke that rises up to the fires in the sky, consuming and feeding our sacrifices to the Gods.

The Tree is marked with incense, burned and transformed, that it may reach into the Heavens, and marked with Blessed Waters drawn from the Well of the Earth, that the roots may sink down to draw deep from the Waters below. The Tree, grown tall and rooted deep, stands firm as the pillar of the World, holding the Chaos in order with its roots and upholding the Fires in the highest heavens where dwell the Gods themselves. The Tree, the axis mundi, the static point around which the realms pivot on their path through space, opens wide to reveal the world behind our world, where Noble kin dwell in shadow and mist.

Thus, do we recreate the Sacred Center through our sacrifice in this rite.