Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Notes on Writing...

Writing is. It exists, and it breathes, and it is a part of everything around us. Like the air that flows around the earth, writing is the soft current of emotions, hopes, dreams, histories and aspirations into which we all must delve on a regular basis to feed our ever-changing and evolving psyches.

This blog is about writing. Not just written words, but every form that writing can and will take if you learn to write as you breathe. To write, you must exhale all that is within you and let everything go, carrying with it the hurt, happiness, heartache and joy that you have been hoarding--and trust that you will be filled anew when you inhale. Writing with passion and intensity comes from that place in between the breaths, in between the exhale and the inhale full of the raw potential all writers seek in the creation of every piece of work that has been given life and borne unto the world.

Writing is. Let it be for you.