Monday, February 24, 2014

Can't Sleep

It’s late, and I’m awake
Can’t sleep; no lack of trying
I stare into the darkness
Deep and moving with my heartbeat
Thinking of my lots and strife
Thinking of my bills and life

I light the candles on my shrine
To break the darkness
And call to the Kindreds
To break the silence
And I know the Kindreds hear me
‘Cause there is food in my belly
And gas enough in my car
Though it won’t get me far
And the kids have hot water
‘cause the gas is on again
And the electric’s still running
Though I owe them money
But for now, the lights will go on
Shining at night
Like a beacon of hope
Like the sun
Like the moon
Like the stars
Like your name
Like you.

I can’t sleep in here
It’s empty
It’s empty
I’m lonely
And my thoughts are of money
Because money can’t hurt me
Though without it
My home is less homey than
Hospitality demands

I call out to the Kindreds
And I know that they hear me
It’s warm at my shrine
Where the candles are burning
And Freyja can’t hold me
But she can teach me that lonely
Is only temporary
Until the kids are beside me
At dawn