Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Daily Shrine Devotional

To those who stand beside me, Sharing from my table and warmed by my fire;
To those who’ve gone before me,
Providing wisdom from below;To those who shine upon me,Allies granting vision;And to the Earth MotherWhose gifts of plenty feed and nourish us,Whose strength supports us,And whose love surrounds us,I honor you.Accept these gifts of incense and devotionAs I uphold the oaths I have spokenTo love the land, honor the Gods, and serve the folk.May you be blessed by my good works and offerings.So say we all.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

A prayer for those far away on Thanksgiving

For those who yearn for the presence of loved ones
far away on this day of celebration,
To smell their hair when you hug them,
To feel their smile warm the room,
To hear their laughter like a chorus of bells,
To sit beside them, even in silence, just knowing they are near,
I see you.
I see the depths of your sadness
Hidden behind the smile you wear for the sake of the other guests.
I see the darkness creep across your face every once in a while,
lingering for just a moment
as a memory of some ghost of the past sweeps through your mind.
I see you.
May a genuine smile find you,
May you be reminded you are loved,
May you find peace in your heart,
even if for a moment.
So say we all.