Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nine Offerings for Those who Exemplify the Nine Noble Virtues

  1. We begin by calling to Lady Idunna of the Golden Apples, she who tends the tree of immortality with loving care, maintaining its health and well-being that she may give those blessings to the Aesir and Vanir of Asgard. Idunna, who embodies generosity through her careful tending, and hospitality through her willingness to share.  Idunna, we honor you.
  2. Next, we call once more to Heimdalr, lays order to the world and keeps watch over the realms, he who takes not more than his fill nor more than his hosts are able to give without complaint, He of Stilled Mind that hears the wool and grass grow, he who sees all. Disciplined, sharp, ruler of his own destiny that he may serve others. Heimdalr, we honor you.
  3. We call to Lady Freyja, Mistress of the Honored, Chosen dead; Brising-Magic Maiden of Seidhr and Foresight, She who loves without fear, She who makes no apologies for following her heart, Valkyrie, Mardoll, Strongest of Women, Lady of the Vanir, She who had the courage to fill Hrungnir’s Horn when no one would approach him. For courage and boldness, Freyja, we honor you.
  4. We call also to Fertile Freyr of the fields of Alfheim, God of Bountiful Harvest, Rain and Sun, Bestower of Peace and Prosperity, Defeater of Beli with Antler for Sword. Teaches us to remember not to battle, to lay down our weapons, and to put our energy instead into cultivating the land and our relationships with one another through determination and hard-work, for the best rewards we receive are those we reap from what we have sown.  Freyr, we honor you.
  5. We hail Skadhi, who lives alone in her mountain home, the Woman who Runs with the Wolves; She who marched upon Asgard to demand recompense for her Father’s death, to demand respect be paid to her--and received it in Odin’s Hall. For teaching us responsibility and the art of respect, Skadhi, we honor you.
  6. We give hail toAsa-Thor, Son of Odin, Ruler of Mjollnir, Jotun’s Bane, Slayer of Hrungnir, Geirrod, and Thrivaldi, enemy of the Midgard Serpent, Drinker of the Sea who runs against thought and challenges Fire to a feast. For your strength, endurance, and steadfastness, Asa-Thor, we honor you.
  7. We pay homage to Frigga, Goddess of the Spindle Hearth, She who sees all and yet does not wag her tongue with idle gossip, Goddess of Hearth and Home, Keeper of the Fallen Children, Queen of Asgard. For fidelity and Frith, for loyalty and honor, Frigga, we honor you.
  8. We give great tribute to Odin, Alfather. Lord of Wisdom, Keeper of Thought and Memory, He who outwits and outthinks even Loki, Lord of Wit and Trickery. Sacrificer who gives way to knowledge and vision, taking them up screaming! That he may be bathed in truth and wisdom. Odin, we honor you.
  9. And we call to Lord Tyr, Leavings of the Wolf, He who sacrifices of himself for the good of the tribe at great cost to maintain order. Fenris-Binder, Gloved-Spear, North Star, Granter of Direction, and Keeper of Oaths. As the eye is sacrificed for vision, so, too, must the right hand be sacrificed for justice. Tyr, we honor you.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Surrender it All

Surrender It All
By: Rev. Melissa S Burchfield, ADF Master Bard
Tune: E A B E B E
(Tune: D A D G A D)

E5  Bsus4   A9   A9
(D   A/E       G1   G1)
I call to you softly in my hour of need
And I make my offerings to the flame
In times in life like these when I am driven to my knees
I bring my fears to you through the flame

A9/C#         E5    A9            A9
(Gsus2/F#   D    Gsus2/B  Gsus2/B)
In a world that leaves me cold and alone
I hear you through the flames as you call me your own

E5  Bsus4   A9   A9
(D   A/E       G1   G1)
As the darkness falls and the shadows descend
And the silence greets me like an old friend
The light upon my shrine is my beacon of hope
And the silence fills with the voices of my Gods

A9/C#         E5    A9            A9
(Gsus2/F#   D    Gsus2/B  Gsus2/B)
“Through your good deeds and your offerings
You have given of yourself completely
Let us come to you in your hour of need
Give us all that you are suffering”

C#m7   Bsus4    A9   A9
(Bm7   A/E    G1   G1)
So I surrender myself
I relinquish control
I surrender it all and
Let the Kindreds make me whole

A9/C#         E5     A9             A9
(Gsus2/F#   D    Gsus2/B  Gsus2/B)
Make me whole, make me whole, make me whole (2X)

E5  Bsus4   A9   A9
(D   A/E       G1   G1)
When our voices resound in the Well
When our roots run deep with our branches overhead
When our fires of piety
Light up the sky and we
Pour out our offerings
Unto the Kindreds Three
We give our gifts and in *ghosti they receive

A9/C#         E5    A9           A9
(Gsus2/F#   D    Gsus2/B  Gsus2/B)
When we call forth the Blessing
The Kindreds have for you and for me
We must open up our hearts to receive
What they wish to give so freely

C#m7   Bsus4    A9   A9
(Bm7    A/E         G1   G1)
So we surrender ourselves
We relinquish control
We surrender it all and
Let the Kindreds Bless us all

A9/C#         E5    A9             A9
(Gsus2/F#   D    Gsus2/B  Gsus2/B)
Bless us all, bless us all, bless us all (twice)
C#m7   Bsus4    A9   A9 (Four times/Vamp)
(Bm7     A/E       G1   G1)

E5  Bsus4   A9   A9
(D   A/E       G1   G1)
I call to you softly in my hour of need

And I make my offerings to the flame