Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tiny Bird

Tiny bird,
Cold, hungry,
Left alone at dawn
And greeted briefly,
And only out of necessity.
Only fed when begging.
Only warmed at the Mother’s choosing.
Until the Mother decides
Tiny bird is strong enough and
Pushes it out of the nest
Either to live
By learning to fly
Or not.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Memory of You

These empty hands still feel the flesh
They gripped once in the night
These lips still burn for kisses stolen
In rare moments out of sight

This heart has fallen, fallen hard
And I cannot pick it up
Heavily laden with tears unshed
Crowding the unspent love

I used to swim in memories of you
Now I drown in what could have been
Visions, words whispered, a glance, a touch
Entirely filling my head

Wisdom descends and I see I have grown
But it’s too late to take back mistakes I have sown

So many words, locked deep in my heart
Pen in hand, clearing my mind
I long for you near me, to hear your voice clearly
How can memories be so unkind?

Wallow and weep and I’m doomed to repeat
Hurts perpetuated through me
So I start with myself, deep forgiveness I need
To begin to restore my integrity

I don’t regret the time I spent learning how to love you
Those lessons grew even when we were apart
I don’t regret the moments spent wrapped in your arms
I miss you, but you’ll always be in my heart.

Glistening teardrops reflecting your eyes
As slowly your memory flows forth from mine

How can I thank you for gifts yet unmeasured?
For opening my eyes to what was there all along?
How can I take back being lost in my passion?
For closing your eyes to me as you go on?

Healing comes as mistakes we’ve made
Become the lessons we have learned
Learning grows as vision shows us
The wisdom we have earned
Wisdom builds as we look back
On the trials we’ve been through
And the hurt will fade away in time
But not the memory of you