Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Importance of Self-Understanding and Introspection

Self-knowledge is crucial for working magic. It simply is. In order to offer magical services or manifest a magical working, we must know where our strengths and weaknesses lie. Introspection is one of the main avenues for learning about ourselves. It is the hindsight with which we analyze our life experiences that aid us in become better versions of ourselves, teaching us to be make decisions about what is possible for us to accomplish now and what work we need to do in order to make ourselves ready to accomplish our goals. In terms of psychology, the degree to which we know ourselves is termed “personal intelligence.” According to the Psychologist, John D. Mayer, who co-developed the theory of emotional intelligence, it is equally as important for us to know ourselves as it is for us to know others. People who know themselves well are better able to acknowledge their own limitations and know when to say when to avoid getting in over their heads. (Mayer Know Thyself) 

 As a society, we are a busy folk. We tend to be always “on the go,” with little time built into our schedules for taking a look at our own thoughts, our feelings, our behaviors, and the outcomes of our actions to truly learn from our everyday experiences. Having a deeper understanding of ourselves is paramount to opening ourselves to the growth and increase in abilities that comes from learning from those experiences. My plan of action for increasing self-knowledge is to start by being cognizant of my everyday “mundane” experiences. I have taken a few courses through my employer about self-introspection as a means of leadership development, and it is clear to me that in order for us to operate in a magical realm in which our actions have effect on not just our own lives but potentially the lives of many others, we have a responsibility to be certain of our own abilities and an ethical responsibility to only undertake those actions for which we are well-suited. I plan to accomplish this goal through routine journaling and continued professional development. In addition, I plan to assess any magical workings I do for success/failure and seek instruction from those ahead of me on the path whenever possible.

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