Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Conachlann

The Medieval Irish form of poetry known as the Conachlann is a simple bardic form of chain verse. The last word of one line starts as the first word of the next line, though it may not be the very last and very first words (to account for grammar and the like). It is a fun exercise for folks in need of a writing prompt!

A Song for the Waters

The waves are crashing,
Crashing upon the rocks and stone
Stone floors embedded in the deep
Deep waters flowing, dark and mysterious
Dark and mysterious, her eyes, the sea.
The Sea, she entices me,
Entices me and thrills me
Thrills me and fills me with ecstasy—
The ecstasy of buoyed hope
Of Hope and of freedom
Of Freedom and of joy.
The joy of her smiling face.
Her face as bright as the sun.
Oh, Sun, oh, shining orb of light,
Orb of light that plays with the mists
The mists that dance,
That dance upon the waters.
The Waters, they thrill me,
They thrill me and fill me,
They fill me with freedom,
With freedom and joy.