Friday, February 1, 2013

Guided Meditation for Letting Go of Negative Emotions

Take a moment and find your center. Feel yourself in your own skin, aware of all your parts from toes and legs, hand and arms, stomach and back, to neck to head and beyond.

Feel your mind, and as you do so, allow the stress and discontent to drain down your body and into the Earth Mother who is waiting to carry them away.

Feel also your heart. See the places where there has been damage and focus your energy on healing those wounds. Even though you cannot heal them completely in this time, open yourself enough to allow the healing process to begin.

Once you are in full contact with all you are, mind and body, focus on your spirit, the YOU behind you. Feel your inner self grow until you are full and you are one.

Now, see in your mind’s eye the expanse of the heavens above you, like a starry blanket of night enshrouding the world. Focus on a single star, a single point of pulsating light and allow your vision to blur until you can see the rays emanating from its center. Draw those rays down upon and feel the warmth of the light covering you, bringing new hope and healing.

Allow this light energy to enter your mind, to enter and fill you, pushing down all that is ailing you, all the hurt and loss and sorrow, pushing it down through your head, through your neck until it pools in your heart. This sadness that runs deep, this pain and suffering lingering here are not serving you any longer. Gather them all together into one ball of hurt and sorrow.

Draw down once more from above and continue to push down, keeping your grief contained in this ball. Push it down through your loins, through your legs and into the waiting hands of the Earth Mother.

Once you have pushed the hurt and sadness into her hands, once she has reached out and accepted what you are giving her, you must let go. Watch as she takes this carefully tended and intimate part of you and places it in the pools below, the Underworld waters beneath the Earth.

Emptied and drained, you need only breathe in and allow the Earth Mother to begin to fill you with the Waters of Life. Feel them trickling up into your feet, up your legs and into your belly. Feel them filling you, revitalizing you.

Feel them as they enter your heart, bringing their cool, healing touch to all those places that you marked for repair. Feel them transferring the physical love the Earth Mother has for you into your heart and infusing it into your life’s blood.

Feel this Earth Power draw up, through your neck and into your mind, bringing peace and contentment, bringing acceptance and new beginnings. Feel your mind relax and float in the gentle Waters of the Earth Mother as though she is holding you in her hands. Commune with her there, show her your residual pains and give them to her to wash away.

With one last deep breath, feel the Earth Waters fill you completely and spill out over your head, running down your body and back to the Earth, carrying away the last of the sorrow and pain you have been harboring.

When you are ready, open your eyes with peace