Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hurt Fades Away

It’s peaceful here in my solitude
Solace came with sorrow subdued
My hope for the future has been renewed
As I find fading the loss of you

I wish I’d know the last time
We made love would be the last time
I’d abandon the pantomime
And drink in all of you

I’d memorize you looking down on me
In that moment of pleasure, so serene
Hindsight, unkind, knows that’s not what I’d see
By then, I no longer belonged to you.

I was already gone, in my heart and my head
So few words between us left unsaid
All we had grown together was dead
The hurt will fade, but never the memory of you.

My thoughts turn to other memories
Of discontent and faded glories
Of sad and melancholy stories
Of regret and brokenness I suffered for you

Myriad attempts I made in vain
To make you prove to me through my pain
That your love was real, but the truths remain
I was an extension of your love for you.

Hurt fades away as scars heal with time
Nothing to say as we move on alone
What was is gone, cut down in its prime
Time to move on, move on on our own