Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Vocational Statement

When did you hear the call to the path of ADF Priesthood? What did it sound like?
Looking back, I think I can pinpoint the Ordination rite at Summerland of Revs. Carrion and Raven Mann when the folk were introduced to the Ancient Wise. I felt the rush of power as they entered the space, and ever since then, I have felt compelled to follow them. The call to serve wasn’t so much heard as felt, in all the things I did at my shrine, in my meditations and trance journeys, in the desire to write, in everything. I have long been a leader, whether deserving or no, and as such, I have always believed it is my duty to earn such respect and honor it when it is given through study and right action whenever possible. I am not perfect, but working with the Ancient Wise has taught me to be confident and to learn from my shortcomings. The call of the Ancient Wise sings through my blood, and I can think of no better way to honor that call than to serve in the Priesthood of Ár nDraíocht Féin.

What form do you expect your vocation to take?
I am not entirely sure what shape my vocation will take, and honestly, I think this is a good thing. The road ahead of me is brush-covered and full of mist and wonder, and I am excited to walk this path. I know that the skillset I bring to the Clergy Council is not entirely unique, but I do feel that I have gifts to offer and aid us in better serving the folk, particularly in terms of counsel and bardic arts. From here, I plan to listen and watch those who have gone before me, and when I see clearly where my input will sing the harmony to their work, I will join in…eventually being able to add melody lines and complete the song of Our Druidry. I am interested in the traveling clergy program, bringing Our Druidry to those who do not have access to the services provided by a grove or other Clergy folk.

Do you feel prepared to become an ADF Priest now? Do you see further work that you will need to do to prepare yourself for the work ahead?

I feel prepared to begin the work of the Clergy in ADF, absolutely. Is there further work for me to do? Always. The path of Clergy is not one that ever gets “completed.” I do believe there is much ahead of me that I have yet to engage, and I am excited about where the path will lead. Ordination will draw me into the inner workings of our Clergy Order where I am sure my path will change and evolve. I am confident that I can handle the work, especially knowing the peers I will be joining along the way. With the support of these Priests, the Folk, and the Kindreds, I am confident the path leads to a successful journey.