Friday, March 21, 2014


In silence I sit
watching the lengthening shadows
as the stillness of darkness
descends to cloak the day
keeping the chill left in the sun's sudden absence
from seeping through skin to bone

Exhalations stream in steamy mists
that sparkle and shimmer in the moonlight
like stars visiting from the far away sky
And night falls

Sweet night, wrapping the memory the day has become
in heavenly paper tied with bows of possibilities
only visible in this liminal space
between what just was and what is about to be

Gentle night, softening the edges of day into curves
as the light gives way to shadows
that unfold from a day spent hiding
into the midnight symphony
rocking and singing our souls to sleep

As dawn approaches, the possibilities unravel once more
kissed by the last rays of the starry, moonlit sky
and blessed by the first rays of the sun
worthy now to come fully into being
Into a new beginning.