Friday, October 26, 2012


I treasure all those moments
Wrapped within your arms
Content and spent and heaven sent
Safe from fear and harm
I linger in those memories
Let them fill my mind
To try and keep my tears away
When your hand can’t reach mine

I drive too fast on my way to you
On my way to your embrace
I race toward your loving arms
To see the smile upon your face
But when I leave you, I drive slowly
With an ache inside my heart
For every mile I’m closer to home
Is one more we’re apart

Alone inside my room at night
The coldness in my bed
The emptiness that creeps inside
My weary, lonely head
Are constant when you’re far away
So very hard to take
For loneliness and sorrow do
Poor companions make


I cry myself to sleep at night
While memories put up a fight
To keep me up when I’m alone
Without you here, it’s not a home

And then we stand as one once more
As trees whose roots entwine
Rooted deeply, we stand strong
In love that’s touched divine
Our branches reach up through the sky
Beyond the loftiest height
Where Gods and Angels make their homes
It’s there our love takes flight


Friday, October 5, 2012

Silent Anticipation

Here I stand,
Waiting so patiently.
My mind wandering,
Seeking, hoping, dreaming.
Remembering what has come before,
Looking on toward what is yet to come.

And then it happens:
A quickening of my pulse,
A sensual catch in my breath.
All so seemingly slight,
Yet deep and satisfying.

A soft smile creeps onto my face
As I slowly recognize this sensation,
This set of responses
Lost and suppressed for so long.

I rejoice in the return of the butterflies
And all they stand for
As I continue to wait
In silent anticipation
For you.