Friday, October 27, 2023

Prayer to Saga for Inspiration

Prayer to Saga for Inspiration

By the stream of memory she dwells   
Saga of the Sinking Beach     
She of the Land of Flowing Waterfalls 
Seeress of Frigga’s Court  
She who drinks from the Golden Chalice  
Holding audience with Alfather  
Lady of Memory and History, we call to you     
Saga, we give you this gift and beseech you 
Allow us a draught from the Cup of Inspiration
Grant us a sip of your elixir that our words may be inspired
Guided by truth and wisdom
Pleasing to all who hear them

[Image of above text on black background with a triangle of drinking horns]

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Prayer to Heimdalr

Heimdallr, Holy One; Hallinskihdi, Whitest As,
Keen-eared and sharp-eyed, biding on Bïfrost,
Gjallerhorn's holder, to you give praise
Son of Nine Mothers, by Fire and by Water,
Sire of Jarl's sons, Shining guardian,
Rune-shower Rigr, Hight Jötun bane
Great golden-toothed Turner of Hearths,
Unsleeping reed-giver who hears the wool grow
Well-known wise watcher, Warder of Asgard,
Heimdalr, we hail you!

[Image of a rainbow in the sky with the above prayer overlaid]