Saturday, September 23, 2017

Working: Talisman for Protection

Image: Book of Nine Moons, Rev. Ian Corrigan

Light three tealights and place on each of the sigils in the image above.
Place a bowl capable of holding a burning object in the center of the image.
Place a smaller bowl of water to the side of the image.
Place the ring inside the water. Place something small of yours inside the bowl as well.
Let sit for five minutes.

Light the lavender and place into the center bowl.
Place the ring on your finger.
Do the following while speaking the words below:

Wave your hand over the smoke three times, and then turn the ring on your finger toward your pinky (clockwise) three times. Repeat two more times.

I make this shield to turn aside all ill,
From east or south, or west or north,
From above or below, by word or by will,
By Fire and Shadow bring warding forth!
By spear and cloak, by sun and water bright,
Let strength and light and darkness join as one.
By Sun and Moon and by the Fire’s might,

Make now my shield, my warding be done.