Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh, be still, dear heart.

I wasn't going to post about this, but I need an outlet.

A. sent me a text before the ritual this past weekend. As soon as I saw his name on my phone, I immediately began to blush and smile radiantly--noticeably so. I fear that my reaction to his post has officially "outed" the fact that we've been talking. There were quite a few folks a this ritual who know both of us. I hope he's okay with that. I guess time will tell.

I knew eventually this wouldn't be a secret any longer. With my name on the ballot and so much undecided in the future, I don't even know where I stand right now, or even if I stand at all, but the future is a'coming! A. makes me happy. He makes me feel good when I talk to him. He shares with me, he listens to me, and he is a wonderful friend. If that is all there is between us, that is enough for me.

Still, a girl's heart can dream...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Opening the Gates

I've long been considered a Bard, and it was only a few months ago that mere mention of me attempting a magical act would have been met with much hearty laughter. Well, after today, I don't think folks will laugh anymore. :) Look ma! I've grown!

I traveled to the Silver Falls Grove, ADF, Spring Equinox Rite to Persephone and Demeter this year. Since I am a Hellene and have been working with the two individuals who were leading this rite, I was honored with the role of Opening the Gates. When they decided on Hekate as the Gatekeeper Deity, they agreed that it would be highly appropriate to ask me to fill this role. I've had extensive experience opening the gates at home, of course, but this was my first public high day!

I began with a short meditation introducing Hekate to the folk, which ended up being much shorter than I had planned, since I forgot a lot of the words. I found I had to make myself speak out loud. Apparently, when I open the gates at home, I don't always speak the actions, I just act them out. I learned a lot about drawing energy from the Two Powers--and about blocking out the often chaotic energy coming from the folk. I fear that with my major talents lying elsewhere--and with so many talented people more suited for this role in my own Grove, I will not be getting much practice opening the gates in public. Shame, really. I rather enjoyed it. :)

I was also very excited about the toning working we did for a young girl who had been missing for three days. I invoked Demeter and Hekate, asking for clarity of vision, perseverance, guidance and protection. I also pretty much just said, "Hekate, guide her home safely." We did the toning work, and I sent the raised energy out as we all focused on a photo of her. I got word several hours later that she had been found. I do not think our act alone is what saved her, because there were a lot of folks praying for her and sending her good energies, or whatever their words are for this work. But I say with joy in my heart that I am so glad she is home safe. Heh. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Responsibilities of the Grove Bard

I had to tell the Druids in charge of Ostara that I will not be there for the rite. I had mentioned SEVERAL times that I would be attending the Silver Falls rite to support a long time friend in his oath to quit drinking, but apparently, this was not communicated in a way that they understood.

I admit that I feel a little as though I am shirking my duties as Grove Bard. The first quarter bardic event I am supposed to host appears to be "not happening" due to scheduling fail on everyone's part, too. I would like to think that I've done a lot for the Grove in terms of musical arts, but I am afraid that I feel better because I am more involved. I hope that over time, my involvement will encourage others to be more involved so that they, too, can experience the joy that comes from participating in music in ritual space with trust and abandon to your craft. In addition to the toning workshop I've proposed, I'd like to do a class on musical trance.Ah, big plans, little Druid! And no one or no where for them to take place!

When school is out, I am going to host an All Druid music night, complete with workshop, musical lessons, free bardic time and lots of food....