Saturday, January 10, 2015

Together We Will Weather all the Storms

Together We Will Weather all the Storms

Capo III
A                                  E
I’m no good at writing love songs
D                     A
I’m too used to sharing pain
Too used to broken promises
And efforts spent in vain
But my pen can’t leave this paper
As I write what’s in my heart
And send these words across the miles
To find you where you are

I’ll wrap you up in words of love
Of comfort for your tears
I’ll hold you close and heal those wounds
You’ve gathered through the years
You’ll find the strength to carry on
The work you’re meant to do
As you and I combine our paths
We’re stronger when we’re two
            Bm                              A
You’ve been alone and lonely
Bm                                          A
Suffered through heartache and pain
Bm                                          A
You’ve grown to be the man before me
Bm                                         E
Laughing and smiling in the rain
A                                                      G
Hold me in your arms and we can weather all the storms
D                                             A
Raging ‘round your heart together
(A)                                                       G                             D
I’ll be here with you when there is nothing left to do but wait—
     F                         G                      A             G         D         A
And we’ll wait here in our calm within the storm

There’s a different kind of yearning
A softened lover’s grace
That longs to see your gentle smile
And waits for your embrace
There’s a burning deep inside that glows
and smolders in the dark
Igniting us to blazing every time
We make a spark

The distance seems cold and lonely
With so much to do on our own
We’ve grown in love and trust on our journeys
10,000 Tuesdays soon in our own home

I know it can be hard when I’m so far from where you are
But we’re under the same stars together
And deep within the night when you feel lost without the light
Just wait—
I’ll soon be on my way back to your arms
Alone we’ve grown
As one we’ll soar
Alone we’ve hurt
As one we’ll heal
Alone we’ve cried
As one we’ll try
Bm                                               E
To heal our memories with our song

Make Fire with me, my love, as we embrace the love above—
The love that’s streaming down upon us
And deep within your soul when hear my voice you’ll know I’m yours—
            F                      G                     A          G         D
And together we will weather all the storms
    F                        G                     A                G         D
Together we will weather all the storms

    F                       G                       A
Together we will weather all the storms