Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let Yourself Shine

I was never known for strength in my youth
It was so easy to hurt my pride
But as I've grown I've taught myself
To take it all in stride
It took some perseverance to learn
To stand on my own feet
After ten years of leaning on everyone else
I’m learning to lean on me
I lost myself, but now I've found
The strength to plant my feet in the ground
I’m looking at a brighter day

You gotta let yourself shine
Through the pouring rain
Let yourself shine
Let go of all the pain
Let go of the loss, let go of the longing
Leave your past behind
And let yourself shine.

I was brought up to be humble
My greatest teacher was shame
I know they did their best with me
So I don’t hold them to blame
I refuse to be a victim of my
Circumstances now
My head is up, my shoulders are back
And I'm ready to face the crowd
You picked me up and you let me fall
But I fought back and I’m standing tall
Ready for a brighter day


I’m proud of who I am now
I owe it all to you
You pushed me until I broke into
Enough pieces to build anew
I hold no ill will toward you
In fact I wish you well
But I relish in our separate lives
And the freedom outside my cell
I was broken, bruised and torn apart
I’m mending the pieces of my heart
And looking at a brighter day—
And I owe it all to me

(Instrumental break/Chorus)