Saturday, July 19, 2014

Invitation to Saga

By the stream of memory, she dwells,
Saga of the Sinking Beach,
Of the Land of Flowing Waterfalls,
Seeress of Frigga’s Court,
She who drinks from the Golden Chalice
Holding audience with Alfather,
Lady of Memory and History.
Saga, we call to you.
Saga, we give you this gift
And beseech you to allow us a draught
From the Cup of Inspiration.Grant us a sip from your Chalice
That our words may be inspired,Guided by truth and wisdom,
And be pleasing to the folk and the Gods.
Saga! Accept our offering!

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Heart is Racing

My heart is racing
beating as to the cadence of a far-off drum
to the rhythm of a distant tribe
a distant time
a distant place
a distance—where you and I become we

Yet time passes slowly
each beat of my heart
seemingly stretches on for an hour
for an eternity
for eons
when I am without you

I hear your voice in my thoughts
softening the countenance of my days
I see your smile in the trees
Hear your laughter on the wind
Feel your arms in every imagined embrace
Your breath upon my cheek
and I long for you in the silence of my room
Mine own thoughts are plotting
to steal moments of our time-touched love
and hide them away
keeping them safe and sacred
until I cannot stand the distance
that separates us across the miles
Only then do I bring them forth as conduits
as I call out to you with all that I am
and open the way between us
to allow the flood of you to wash over me
The way is not shut
The way is full of light and promise
The way is full of hope
The way is full of you

And in this moment between heart beats
When the silence is louder because of your absence
I hold onto the hope of holding onto you