Friday, October 24, 2014

Blessings Upon a Mendicant

Quiet, my soul,
Beneath the pale Autumn moon.
Still the night,
The breeze alone stirs in the wild.
Darkness and cold descend.
Quiet, my soul, in a quiet world.
As my mind’s eye is turned skyward,
Toward the myriad stars shining,
Shimmering like moonlight
On the inky pool of the sky
Beyond which lies the heavens,
Below which lies my love in his slumber,
My heart stirs and swells,
Riding the waves of the night
In cascades of devotion.
Shining Stars above,
Hear how my heart beats for him,
See the love blaze in my eyes as I gaze up, up, up
And onward to beseech you.
See my desire for his health and joy,
See how I long for his triumph and glory,
See my dedication to the desires of his heart
That they be manifest in his waking life.
See them, take them up as a mantle of strength and healing
And encompass him, enshroud him, blanket him
With my unending desire for his happiness and success.
And thusly cloaked in love and luck,
May he rise to greet the sun with pride and virility
To carry his works into the world,
To serve the folk,
To love the land,
To honor the Gods, the Ancestors, and the Spirits of the Earth
In perfect love and graceful humility.
So be it.