Friday, September 18, 2020

Norse Recreation of the Cosmos and Opening of the Ways

(Re)Creating the Cosmos

In our tradition, the Sacred Tree, among the Norse Kin referred to as Yggdrasil, is the World Tree, the Axis Mundi, the pillar of the worlds that anchors the Sacred Center at which we hold our rites and do our work. It is beneath the branches of this Tree with the roots running deep into the ground to draw from the Sacred Waters that feed the Well of Wisdom and branches crowned high in the sky, upholding the Sacred Fire above, that we recreate the cosmos that we may stand at the Sacred Center of the Worlds.

The Sacred Tree not only holds the Sacred Center in place, but also acts as a gateway through which our offerings and prayers may echo through the Nine Realms.
We bless this Tree (cense and asperge) and mark it as Sacred once more as we recreate the cosmos here in our midst. Sacred Tree, Grow within us!
So, too, does the Well before us serve as a portal through which our love, honor, and respect may be received by the Ancestors, our beloved heroes and kin of old, and through which they may return their knowledge and blessings.
We silver the Well (drop silver) and mark it as sacred once more as we recreate the cosmos here in our midst. Sacred Well, Flow within us!
So, too, does the Fire serve as a gate to the upper realm, to Asgard, where our prayers and devotion may be received by the Gods themselves, consuming and transforming our offerings as we feed them unto the flames.
We kindle and feed the Fire (pour oil) and mark it as sacred once more as we recreate the cosmos here in our midst. Sacred Fire, Burn within us!

Gatekeeper Invocation

Heimdallr, Holy One; Hallinskihdi, Whitest As,
Keen-eared and sharp-eyed, biding on Bïfrost,
Gjallerhorn's holder, to you we offer.
Son of Nine Mothers, by Fire and by Water,
Sire of Jarl's sons, Shining guardian,
Rune-shower Rigr, Hight Jötun bane
Great golden-toothed Turner of hearths,
Unsleeping reed-giver who hears the wool grow
Well-known wise watcher, Warder of Asgard,
Heimdalr, we hail you!
Heimdalr, Accept our offerings!

Opening the Ways 

Now we bid Bïfrost be here among us!
Descend from the dwelling of the Gods, bright Asgard,
A rainbow of light from all ways flowing.
Carry our calling to all the Kindreds!
By Nine Flames shining, by Waters flowing,
By Heimdalr's magic, and by our word and will,
Let the Ways Between be open!

Visualize the ways between the realms opening before you, in your mind's eye and in your heart. Let yourself be open to the magic and fellowship of this rite and these allies. Meet them with reverence and love in your words, thoughts, and deeds.