Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Come Full Circle.

In Tibet, devotees walk in circles on pilgrimages. They believe that Life moves in circles. Some say that if you run fast enough, you will run into yourself.

Come full circle.

We often find ourselves "right back where we started," though I often wonder if that can ever be true. Emotionally, this may mean that we are repeatedly finding ourselves confronted with unexplained emotions--all the stuff we've been running from seems to be running fast enough to catch up with us. When confronted with all this hurt, this sadness, grief, pain, rejection, regret, feelings of inadequacy or depression, we medicate. We medicate through drink or food, through tv, work and projects. We cover it with a blanket like a child cleaning his room, hoping that if no one can see it, it won't be real. We cover ourselves with a blanket like a child hiding himself from the dark, hoping that if it can't see him, it will go away.

Come full circle.

Instead of medicating, instead of hiding, I find it far more healing to write. Write down the hurts, the sorrows, the grief and the regrets. Lock it down so that it can't chase you anymore, and when you come full circle once more, with all your new knowledge gained from your experience, with your new eyes full of the wisdom that comes with hindsight, you can see those things, those things that you hated yourself or those around you for, and all those things become the very gifts that you use to help yourself and to heal others.

Come full circle. Come full circle and see how far you have traveled.