Saturday, July 21, 2012

Broken Silence

Soft, silken skin
Asleep on my breast
So tranquil and precious
The house lies in rest
Except for you and I, love
Alone in my room
I bask in this moment
Gone all too soon

You sit and you crawl
You stand and you run
The world is your playground
You’re having such fun
My curly-haired angel
So careless and free
Yet locked in your mind where
You can’t talk to me

They cry, “Mommy, Mommy”
The kids come to play
Their mothers all answer
And carry them away
In silence I hold you
So close to my heart
And hope you can hear me
Wherever you are

Doctors and teachers
Label you as they please
Discussing you case
In third person with ease
I carry a smile so
My tears won’t begin
As I let go of hopes and
Reality sinks in

Slowly your future
Takes shape in my mind
More questions to ask
No answers to find
‘Til one day the sun through
These dark clouds does peek
You open your mouth
You look at me and speak

They cry, “Mommy, Mommy”
Our kids in the street
We mothers collect you
Lift you off your feet
Don’t know how much more
You’ll be able to say
But “Mommy” alone will suffice for today

Five years of waiting
To hear your sweet voice
It still rings like bells
Makes my heart rejoice
The silence is broken
Now sprout those seeds
Of hope I thought lost
As you start to read

Read to me, Timmy
Your voice is my song
Your voice is a gift
So precious and strong
So many years of
Silence and strife
Are whispered away by
Your voice in my life

Read to me, Timmy
The book of your choice
Just read to me, love
And let me hear your voice