Monday, November 24, 2008

Drawing Down the Blessing.

At a recent Dedicant Meeting, we were reviewing our Samhain Rite. I played a guitar piece as stated in an earlier blog for the Return Flow portion of the rite. Several of us found that the music played while the water was passed amongst the participants helped to keep us focus on the rite and have a more meaningful experience. I have had problems experiencing the return flow with any sense of power when I am not at my home shrine, and I stated as much to them. After some brief discussions about why this might be, Seamus and MJD decided that I was to be in charge of the Return Flow portion of the Yule Rite this year. This way, I can do a comparison between the two and better analyze what might be blocking the flow of power for me.

I have been considering this task with great reverence. The Return Flow is one of the most powerful parts of ritual in my devotionals. I feel that trying to create that same sense of power in a public rite that I create at my shrine is a great responsibility. After no small amount of deep thought, it finally hit me why this is such an important item for me: Drawing Down the Moon.

I was a Wiccan for six years before I found Druidry, and as such I learned a thing or two about drawing the powers down upon yourself. I realized that when I do a Return Flow, I take the omen, the gift they give in return, and I focus my very being into placing that firmly into my cup that I may receive it. It was promised to me, and my offerings to them were accepted, so they have an obligation to pour forth that blessing, and my job is to harness and focus that blessing into a form that can be shared among the Kin.

Now that I know why this is such a big deal, I am hoping that my writing will come more easily. The version I do at home is somewhat Hellenic, but my Grove is doing a Nordic Yule with Odin as DotO. A little tweaking is definitely in order!

Wish me luck, and any suggestions would be helpful! It would be much easier if I could just do it with my guitar...

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