Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anthesteria Recap

Today, I performed my Anthesteria rite.

It. was. awesome.

Anthesteria this year was in honor of the Ancestors. I made peace with relationships that were toxic in my past, recognized the necessity of the situations and people in my past, and let go of all the hurt and anger that I have been holding on to. I have the Ancestors box since I am DIC for the next rite, and having the Ancestors of my Grove around me and supporting me as I made peace with the not-so-great relationships was very empowering.

I made an offering to the Outdwellers, which is not something I routinely do. I did the rite in my living room, and since this is not an area I usually hallow, I thought it would be wise. It left me feeling very peaceful, and I really needed that feeling going into this!I honored Hestia and the Earth Mother, called to Apollo for inspiration, and Eos opened the gates for me. During the key offerings portion of the rite, I honored the Ancestors with some impromptu words, and then I recognized the Christian gods I worked with and thanked them for the foundation of faith that they helped me to build. I honored them and told them I was moving on.

Omens? Gebo, Othala and Dagaz.

For the return flow, I used a small portion of watered down wine. It definitely made the water feel like more than water (which it was), and I think I may start doing this on a regular basis--especially since I drink water on a regular basis as my beverage of choice.Overall, it was an excellent rite. I didn't leave anything out, and there are no negative feelings or regrets. I do believe I finally have a handle on all this ADF stuff. ;)

Today is a good day. Esto!

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