Monday, November 22, 2010

Training for what?

I think I figured out where my misunderstanding lies with the bardic
guild study program. Since I've joined ADF, many people have compared
the upper (post-DP) programs to college programs. The BGSP is marketed
as a bardic training program, and in my head, I made quite the
connection between the two. Because I based my projected experience in
the guild off this comparison and how it works in the mundane world, I
think what I have been expecting post-BGSP is a job. Yep. If I am
going to "college," then there should be a job after I "graduate." I'm
not saying everyone who goes through the program has to apply for the
job. Just that it would be nice for there to BE a job available for
those of us in the market. Otherwise, I end up like one of those folks
from Half-Price Books with a PhD in Anthropology.

In other words: Please stop comparing the training programs to
college. It sets up inaccurate expectations. Kthanxbye.

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