Thursday, April 28, 2011

Polytheism and Faith Questionnaire, Part 1

As you know, I have been working the Nine Moons with Ian Corrigan for the last several months. He has us doing habitual journal work that includes taking a factual, non-emotional look at our strengths and weaknesses in what he calls the "Seelie/Unseelie" exercises. In addition, we have been working on creating a personal lineage profile.

When I was asked to give an interview on Polytheism and Faith, I decided to use this opportunity to really look at from where I have come and how I ended up here. The next several installments will be questions from this document.

What is your definition of “polytheism?”

Polytheism is a religious belief that there exists more than one God.

What is your definition of “faith?”

Faith, for me, is confidence in my beliefs about the way the world works. This is not necessarily based on “fact” or “logical proof,” but on personal experience and the value that I place on the things that are important to me in terms of religion and spirituality.

What role do you believe faith plays in your relationship/s with the Goddesses/Gods?

For me, faith is an integral part of my relationships. I know there are many who are agnostics, Jungian/archetypists or even atheists among the pagan community who follow the practices because they find worth in the tradition, but I believe the Gods to be real. I approach them as real beings that can hear and respond to me—that makes a huge difference when contrasted against prayers spoken into the ether.

What is one thing you wish other people understood about polytheism?

I wish other people understood that polytheism is a serious religion. So many people demote my faith to play, theatrics, evil, fancy and even idiocy, completely disregarding my personal experiences and insinuating a low level of intelligence. I am an educated, intelligent woman who has made a well-informed, serious decision to follow the ways of the Ancient Wise. This in no way should take away from the experiences and personal fulfillment of my monotheistic counterparts. I respect and honor their faith, and I would never dream of dismissing their path as inferior to mine. It’s just different. I want nothing from them but the same.

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