Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beauty Hidden in the Sands

Letters, Words,
Written on my heart,
Skin ink stabbed into a fragile countenance.
Each prick awakening the soul
As sensations travel down my spine;
Words echoing through my dreams.

Dust-covered desires are washed new
By waves of emotion
Once wading of a calm pool,
Now roused into a roaring sea.
Desires caught up in a storm of potential,
Of raging, unspoken words
Fighting to find their voice
Amongst the throes of their tumultuous,
Thunderous existence
While the gathering froth whirls round the rocks,
Compelled toward the shore by his breath,
Seeking order to their chaotic dance.

He whispers; he speaks; he shouts,
His voice ebbing and flowing as the tide
Through my consciousness.
The cadence slows, and I hold my breath
In silent anticipation as I am drawn out to sea,
Drowning in longing,
Building, mounting.

The cadence soars and so, too, do I,
Riding the cusp of waves of words as though I have wings
Ablaze with burning questions ignited by the embers
Of once dormant hopes for what may come to pass,
Even if time-touched moments alone,
Stolen and released once more into the steamy void between us.

When the words cease, I remain buoyed,
Softly floating on my sea of unrequited love,
Yearning to be washed upon the shore,
Though fearing that I shall remain buried there
As a misplaced or cast away treasure
Shimmering in the sun and
Waiting to be discovered
By he who will marvel to find
Such hidden beauty in the sands.

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