Friday, April 4, 2008

Apollo--My Sun God

I first met my husband in 1990, when I moved to our fair state from the west. We were in sixth grade, and he lived at the other end of the block [He has a twin, though they are identical boys and not paternal male-female as the name "Apollo" suggests. (Apollo's twin was Artemis)].

Anyway, we became friends and then best friends over time, and spent much time together as the years wore on. He was the brother I never had, the best friend I always wanted, and the standard by which I judged all other relationships. I don't think there is a single boyfriend I ever had that I did not cheat on with Apollo.

I first realized I was in love with him two years after we graduated from high school and were on our separate ways to college. He was going south, and I was going north. I realized I wanted to give him "something to remember me by." I petitioned him, and I got pregnant with our first child. We were not even dating at the time, and we continued in our friendship until the baby was 1 month old. We have been together ever since.

We have been through much in our seven years of marriage. I cannot imagine what life would be like without him. I know that I am happier with him than I could ever be without him. Apollo is my Sun God. He brings the light and joy into my life. He brought me my children. He taught me patience, and we taught each other the endless capacity of love.

I know that other people aspire to the type of relationship, marriage, we have. I know many people will never attain it. I love him more every year, and I know he loves me just the same. I am more grateful than you can imagine for the gift of him in my life. I judge my success in life by the people in it, and Apollo has made me the richest woman alive.

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