Sunday, August 10, 2008


In an attempt to "rally the troops" recently, we have been discussing quite a bit on the ADF Solitaries list. It seems that many of them are interested in fellowship and community of sorts, almost grove-like affiliation with one another, while others are very against any attempts to "herd the cats." I find both of these points of view to be very interesting.

Firstly, let me discuss the Solitaries in search of fellowship. I understand them. I am one of them. I have recently become affiliated ("Friend of the Grove") with the local grove here. I was a lonely solitary. I spent all my high days alone, when in my mind there were huge feasts and bonfires and dancing and music. The live high day rites I attended were not like I had imagined, either. Funny thing is, even if you don't find what you thought you wanted, you may realize that you found the best thing for you.

All this aside, I will never give up my solitary practices. Solitary work is the backbone of my faith. It is during this time that I foster relationships with my Patrons. This is the time I use to find out where I am and where I need to be going. So, in the interest of the Solitaries looking for fellowship, I think that having an active place for them to commune with like-minded individuals is an excellent way to fulfill this need in their lives. I furthermore feel that having a quarterly newsletter that lets you tell other Solitaries what you are doing is an excellent way to foster unity among the members of the most diverse group in ADF.

Secondly, the individuals who find this idea to be negative are harder for to understand. I can accept that the Solitary list is there, but it's presence does not mean that it is doing it's job. There have been entire months that have gone by without seeing a single post to the Solitaries List. I really feel that we are at a point where we must take action to attempt to network the solitaries and make us feel more of an integral part of ADF. After all, Solitaries statistically make up over 50% of the members! In addition, if a solitary member does not wish to participate in things geared toward Solitaries then why join a solitaries group? Besides, the projected activities are not requirements. Every person has the right to chose whether to take part or not in any activity we suggest. There seems to be some unresolved anger issues regarding attempts to unite the Solitary ADF members, and I might be too new to understand.

For now, I am afraid I will have to just agree to disagree with this vein of thinking.Finally, I would like to note that I have probably just created a lot of work for myself in regards to archiving solitary rites and the like on the Wiki, but I want everyone to know that it is worth it. I only wish someone else had done this before I was here. I think a resource like this a few months ago would have made a big difference to where I am today.

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