Saturday, December 11, 2010

A prelude to a rite of passage...

In one week, I will be performing one of the most important bits of magic I've done to this day. I will be severing my ties of baptism and confirmation with the Christian God and rededicating myself to the Elder ways through a pagan triple baptism that I have composed. The work itself isn't too overly sophisticated, and I am grateful that I have two experienced and talented Druids in my Grove that have offered to assist me in this endeavor.

AG will be assisting with the breaking of the bonds. She will be spending time with the Norns this week to create a rope weaved from three strands that shall be "tied" to the three connections I have to the Christian Triple God. During the rite, she will wrap this rope around my wrists, connecting them to that thread within me as I bring them forward that has me connected to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I am most nervous about severing ties with the third, for there are some fond memories and a lot of divine inspiration built up there. I think the fact that I am still this "tied" to that relationship is the biggest indicator that this working needs to be done.

Shawneen will be performing the baptism, by Fire, Well and Tree. He has a very powerful yet smooth voice and quite an amazing ritual presence. The fire portion will completely burn away the ties to those things in my past that no longer serve me and purify my spirit for what is to come. The Well will wash me in the power of the Kindred and tie me into the Underworld powers. The Tree will connect me to the realms and to the Kindred. At the end of this, I will offer to my patrons and other influential Goddesses and end with a repeat of my Dedicant Oath.

I'm not exactly sure how this will change my life, but I do expect the changes to be internally monumental. May the Kindred bless you all, as well, in this transformative time of year.

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