Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heliogenna with Three Cranes Grove, ADF

Heliogenna is the brain-child of the very talented Litrugist and Poet from the Hellenic Recon circles, Hector Lugo. It is a nine day solitary festival broken into three parts: the Sunset of the old year, the Night, and the Sunrise of the new year. The Crane rite was inspired by the Sunrise portion of this festival and was dedicated to the Titan God of the Sun, Helios.

Beginning with Hestia, Gaia and an invocation to the Muses (named individually), our rite began with a definite note of theater--highly appropriate for a Hellenic ritual! Rev. Mike Dangler called to Eos, the Titan Goddess of the Dawn and Helios' sister as gatekeeper in a very visually moving meditation and invocation that set the stage for a greatly inspired ritual.

Our Omens were drawn by Emerald using the Olympian Oracle as follows:
  • Were our offerings accepted: Alpha. "The God Apollo says you will do everything successfully." That would be yes.
  • Gifts offered to us in return: Upsilon. "The affair holds a noble undertaking." Emerald pretty much said the Gods are pleased with the work we are doing and will aid us in further endeavors.
  • Further needs the Kindred have of us: Xi. "There is no fruit to take from a withered shoot." Exactly. Continue on with the work we are doing, paying attention to sowing our seeds and nurturing new growth.
I had the honor of calling down the Waters for this ritual, an act I rarely get to perform but one that I enjoy immensely.

Our working consisted of gathering together written notes of things the folk wished to have removed from their lives and left behind rather than carried forward into the new year. We added to this the negative energy drawn and discarded from each person in attendance and asked Helios to burn away those impurities with the pure light of the Sun. I felt the working was powerful, and I do hope the fruits of this working are noticeable right away in the lives of the folk.

This was a well executed rite, and I am glad to have participated in it.
Happy Solstice, Everyone!

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