Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Imbolc with the Cranekin

Sunday evening, the Cranes celebrated Imbolc with our customary ritual to Brigando. This rite is very special to many of us, and I definitely felt much deeper connections to both Brighid and my core grovemates. I am seeing more and more faces that I don't recognize, which is good, but the contrast between the unknown folk and the grovemates with whom I am close makes those close connections seem all the more personal and real. I left with a very full heart, even though I had to leave early. In addition, I think the fact that we do almost the same rite every year for Imbolc has a lot to do with the focus on interconnectedness. New and exciting rituals are new and exciting, but the focus of such things is always on the rite itself. When one can actually do a ritual in the dictionary sense of the word, something repeated until it becomes second-nature, the mind is free to travel into the otherworld and work the magic that lies beyond the mechanics of the rite.

I allowed Brighid to guide my song choices. I had no idea what I was going to be sharing with the folk until it was time to play, and it went very well. This is rather new for me, opening up and doing the work "off the cuff." It's not something that I am a) comfortable with or b) good at, which tells me that I need to do it more often. Funny how that works.

Our omens were very good. Shawneen pulled Oghams for us:

Have our offerings been accepted? Elder, Guidance and Shielding
What gifts do the Kindred offer us in return? Ash, The World Tree, interconnectedness between the worlds. (Yep. I felt that!)
What further needs do They have of us? Oak, Strength.
Taken together: with the guidance of our Sky Fathers and the Mothers of us all, we are shielded and protected from harm. Let none be diminished through ignorance. Connected to our community, our families and our Kindred, we are called upon to wisely weave together our strengths for the betterment of the folk.
Overall, it was a very good ritual, and I am fully recharged and ready for the work ahead of me. But, that's another post!

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