Friday, August 26, 2011

The Court of Brighid

I had the privilege of attending a ritual led by Ian Corrigan and Liafal designed to bring us into contact with the spirits in the court of the Goddess, Brighid. The rite, as you can see in the link above, was a typical ADF Core-Order, though the offerings to Brighid were copious and heart-felt.

As the rite progressed, we were led deeper into trance until we finally crossed the threshold into the place where the spirits may make themselves manifest to us. I was approached by a woman who named herself as Tsirona (sa-RON-a). I found it interesting to note that this was one of the spirits I had seen in my mind's eye during the pre-ritual meditation the day before when Ian asked us to visualize Brighid and the three "servants" he planned to call.

Tsirona appeared to me as a woman, timeless and regal in crimson robes with long, black hair and piercing blue eyes. In her right hand, she held a quill. In her left, she cradled the cup of a goblet. The vision was very real to me. She told me her name, Tsirona, though I pronounced it wrong and had to be corrected. She described herself as an agent of Brighid's who deals in the healing power of music. She takes the energy put forth in song and vocalization and manifests the healing.

She gave me a prescribed method for working with her. Begin by burning sweet herbs and focusing on the work at hand, calling her to aid us. Then, we are to use music in whatever form we find most powerful for ourselves in terms of moving energy, and she will transform our energy into healing. When our work is done, she would like a note of thanks to be written and burned for her.

She then set down her things and spoke further. She told me that she has been working between Brighid and me for a long time by my measure. She told me that if I let her heal me that she can work through me better. I nodded, and she touched the middle finger of her right hand to my chest and kissed the palms of both my hands. When Ian and Liafal asked me about the spirit with which I had been speaking, I found that I was shaking and crying.

Since the ritual, I have spoken with her twice. The first time was a wash of emotions as I realized just what work she had done through me. The second was less intense, but still quite new and powerful. I have many questions to ask of her as I get to know her, and I look forward to working with her directly in future endeavors. This was and is an amazing experience!

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