Friday, August 5, 2011

A Magical Toning Experience

Yesterday, our grove held our sixth night Druid Moon ritual. During this rite, I was asked to lead a toning to create a charged object for a couple of our Grovemates who are undergoing quite a large venture.

MJD handed me a pendant of a crane and asked me to lead a toning. He wanted the object to go around the circle, beginning and ending with me, so that those who were willing could charge it individually. I held the charm in the palm of my right hand as I recentered the folks briefly and began to sing. The first gentleman did not take the pendant from me when I approached him, but rather, he placed his hands such that one was above and one was below the hand holding it, but not actually touching me. I held my other hand above his, and we toned into the pendant. This was how every person added their magic to the mix after that.

I had expected them to take the charm out of my hand, but I am actually glad that they didn't, because about three folks in, I realized that I was more channeling than leading this working. About five folks in, I realized that I was listening to my voice from an objective, external standpoint. I recall thinking,"Wow, is that how my voice always sounds?" My tones were solid, and my vibrato was impressive, usually indicative of a well-trained vocalist. As I approached each of my grovemates, I was hearing the note I was to sing for them before I began to sing, and when I sang before each of them, I felt the change in the air between our hands surrounding the pendant. The two people "last" in line were the two (one by association) for whom this working was being done. I actually held their hands around the pendant, marking the pendant with their touch. Finally, I signalled the end of the working to the folk, and gave the pendant one final "charge" before handing it back.

At the beginning of this rite, I called to Brighid for Bardic Inspiration. Brighid also happens to be my Bardic patron, and I felt her arrive after I called to her. I am quite certain that it was she who was working through me, and I can't wait to see how things pan out from here!

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