Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To One Far Away

Everything she touches she turns to art
Creating beauty with a wave of her hand
Everything she speaks goes straight to my head
Like fine wine or brandy on a cool autumn eve
Everything she writes I devour with yearning
Searching for signs she is thinking of me
And every time she smiles she touches my heart,
And my soul rides the waves of the kindled fire therein.

For the Gods have blessed her with creativity
Her touch blooms the flowers after cold winter’s reign
The Gods have blessed her with words
Her voice like sweet honey chained to my ears
The Gods have given her great knowledge
A pen for a spoon in a paper cauldron of wisdom
The Gods have clothed her in splendor
The light of Ausrine shines beautifully from her eyes

All I want is for her to look at me
That I may bask in all that she creates
All that she speaks
All that she writes
And all that she is
And my heart shall be thirsty no longer
And my soul shall run freely
Through fragrant fields of dandelions and sunlight

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