Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Verge of Farewell

I wait in stillness,
in the quiet of night.
I wait alone,
when all things sleep
save the hunger I have for you.

Memories flood my mind
of a time-touched love,
of a starry night,
of rain and romance,
of devotion's tight embrace.

Locked in passion fueled by love,
our hearts, one heart,
our flesh, one flesh,
our souls, one soul
connected in worlds beyond our own.

And yet, swallowed in the sea,
we return to our lives,
riding the waves of love and joy,
of hurt and loss,
and finding our strength to go on--together or apart.

Though no choice have I,
no outcome will diminish my love for you.

My desires are simple, yet so rarely fulfilled!
I long for lazy days,
for laughter and light.
I long for cozy nights,
for love's sweet embrace.

No one will love you as I,
because no two hearts are the same.
No one will love me like you,
for you love me in ways
I thought only possible in dreams.

How do I move forward from this
if it is not I you long to lie beside
on cold winter's night?
How do I love again if my heart
belongs only to you?

You are the complement to all that I am,
the dark to the light.
For just as the dark longs for the warmth
and brightness of the light,
So, too, does the light long for something dark and meaningful.

Dark and meaningful, my love.
May warmth and brightness always be able to find you.

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