Saturday, March 17, 2018

Nine-Fold Mother's Blessing

A Blessing for a new Mother-to-be

[Mother-to-be], join us here at the hearth to receive the blessings of the Kindreds and the Folk.
For each part of the blessing, the [Mother-to-be] is censed in a full circle

May the Shining Ones bless you with love
That your heart may be opened to prepare you for the new love in your life

May the Ancestors bless you with clarity of mind
That your head may be sharp with wit for decision-making

May the Nature Spirits bless you with strength
That your body may be strong for the work required of you

By Fire, be blessed with inspiration
That your voice be made clear to prepare you for speaking your truth

By Holy Well, be blessed with purification
That your hands be made clean for the life you will cradle

By Sacred Tree, be blessed with attention
That your ears be made open to prepare you to hear and understand

The Land beneath you bless you with stability
That your foundation be not shaken

The Sea around you bless you with peace
That anxiety be kept at bay.

The Sky above you bless you with sunshine
That happiness spring forth from this birth experience

Nine circles made about you.
Nine blessings infused in your spirit.
May you be infused with the blessings that will support you in the journey ahead.
From the center of your being, growing outwards from your womb
Many blessings abound as you engage with the voice of your mothering.
Brittany, let these blessings strengthen you through your labor,
Let these blessings fill you with the joy of new life,
Let these blessings expand to your child and brighten both your lives.

By the Deities above,
By the Ancestors below,
By the Noble Kin by your side,
By the Fire,
By the Well,
By the Sacred Tree,
By the Land,
By the Sea,
By the Sky,
These blessings are sealed within you to use when you need them.

So say we all.

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