Sunday, March 18, 2018

Waters of Purification and Talisman Creation

A Talisman and Waters of Purification Blessing for a New Mother-to-be

[Mother-to-be] brings forth a string of beads (similar to a rosary) and a vessel for waters to place in her birthing tub.

As your womb swells to full fertile beauty,
We are blessed with spring all around us.
The flowers have been blooming, just as you have bloomed.
The trees have flowered, just as you have flowered.
The land sighs in relief as the snows of winter finally pass us by,
Just as you prepare to sigh in relief for the new blessing brought forth from your body—as a seed emerges from its casing to reach for the sun.
We bless this talisman, brought together by those who love and support you,
That it may be a source of strength and blessing throughout your ordeal.

Assembled folk, join your voice with mine to send our energy and love into this talisman that Brittany may draw on our love and support when she needs us,
no matter how far we may be from her.
In this talisman, we store for you our love.
In this talisman, we store for you our support.
In this talisman, we store for you our fellowship.
As this resides with you, so, too, do we reside with you.
With this beside you, you are never alone.


To seal these blessings within, we place this talisman in the Well,
Where the waters flow up from the bosom on the Earth Mother.
By the combined energies of those here,
By the power of the Mothers who have gone before,
By the power of Earth Mother herself,
Be sealed and holy,
Jewels of Birthing.
So say we all.

[Dip Water from the Well]

May these Waters,
Drawn up from deep within the Earth,
Bless your birthing waters,
Bringing you strength and easing your pain,
Guiding this new life into the world
In health, harmony, and joy.
So say we all.

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