Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Working for the Children Separated at the Border

Right Action. That is the crux of our religious practice. As a religion that prides itself on orthopraxy over orthodoxy, right action over right belief, the actions of the current administration must be viewed as reprehensible. We live in a country where our leaders thought it was in our best interest to remove children from their families at the border in the name of safety. Children, feeling from violence and deplorable conditions, who believed in the fa├žade of the United States, “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,” where they thought they would finally be safe. Regardless of political affiliation or formal stances on immigration laws, the act of separating children from their primary care givers cannot be our way of protecting ourselves or allowed to continue.

Right now, especially from so far away from the border and internment camps, it may seem like there is not much we can do, but we can put pressure on our congresspersons to intervene and reunite these families.

I ask you to join me, right now, in these prayers for those children, alone in a place they’ve never been and waiting for their families to be together again.

The Children of the Earth call out on behalf of our Neighbor’s Children,
Those little ones who are alone and afraid,
Those young ones who are separated from their support and strength,
That we may be their support,
That we may be their strength,
That we may uphold them until they are reunited with their families.

Young Ones, In a place where there is no love, we ask the Kindreds to shine love upon you,
Even if from the most unexpected places.
In a place where there is fear, we ask the Kindreds to grant courage to you,
Even in the face of uncertainty and foreign words.
In a place where you are along, we ask the Kindreds to make their presence known:
May the Gods of your people stand beside you.
May the Noble Kin of the places where you wait protect you.
May your Ancestors uphold and guide you.
May Humanity not fail you during this time of separation, loss, and sadness.
So say we all.

In a place where there is far too much silence, I ask you all now to raise your voice with mine that we may be heard across the miles. Send all the love and empathy, strength and courage you can muster to these gentle souls, our Neighbor’s Children, that they may be sustained and strengthened while we fight on their behalf to reunite them with their families. If tears come, let them fall as the Waters of Life for those who need these blessings.

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