Friday, December 6, 2019

Leadership Lesson Bonus Edition: The Art of Delegation

Leadership Expectation: Help Others to Grow

del-e-gate: “To entrust to another. To empower another person to act.”

Delegation is an art. When managed well, those who report to you, whether directly or indirectly, will be more productive and engaged. When handled poorly, they feel incompetent and lack motivation. Delegation is a means of investing in the development of someone else by showing trust and opening communication pathways for true teaching moments. 

There are common “Thinking Barriers” we all have that hold us back from delegating: 
“It is easier to do it myself.” 
“It takes too long to show someone else how to do it.” 
“I don’t trust them to do it right.” 
“People will think I can’t do it myself.”  

Here are some helpful tips to improve your effectiveness as a delegator:
  1. Have the right attitude about delegating. Do your best to ensure they do not feel as though your delegating to them is a burden to you.
  2. Consider the skills and interests of your people. Try to match tasks to the skills and interests of your people.
  3. Delegate the right things. Consider the advancement potential and personal career goals of your people and give them duties that will aid them in moving toward those goals.
  4. Be clear about what you want your employees to do. Make sure your instructions are clear and easy to understand.
  5. Set clear expectations. In addition to clear instructions, take the time to explain the purpose and intent of the task you’ve assigned to them, including due dates and audience.
  6. Give them the authority they need to get the job done. Ensure they are capable of what you’ve asked them to do, including IT permissions, etc.
  7. Be sure to keep an eye on things. After you delegate something, check in to see how things are going. This helps people feel supported and enables you to catch any problems as they arise.
  8. Always provide feedback. Frequent positive AND actionable feedback help others to grow.
  9. Provide guidance when necessary. Helpful tips, when given with good intentions and delivered with a thoughtful spirit, help people succeed and feel supported. 

Bonus Tip: Delegating the right tasks to the right people strengthens the whole team.

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