Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tarot, Oghams and Runes--Oh, my!

Part of the newness of the shift in my spiritual path has me thinking about divination tools. I have typically been an user of Tarot for all my divination and sage-like purposes. I have been curious, but not serious, about Runes for three or so years as well. After the Druidic Ritual I attended, I have found a new desire to learn about trees. Yup, trees.

Oghams are a divination tool used in early Celtic communities as a system for writing, much like the runes. The Oghams are a series of slashes oriented in a specific way on a vertical line. That's it.

The cool part is that each symbol has a tree associated with it, and each tree has a myriad of meanings depending on the question you are asking. Tree can be sought for answers to medical questions, questions about love, questions about fortune (money), among many others. I saw a set of Oghams, hand-carved, made from the branches of the trees each Ogham symbol represents, and I was immediately fascinated.

I have always fancied myself somewhat of a sage, and I am excited about the prospect of deepening this skill with knowledge and study. Who knows what I will be capable of with more information behind my interpretations?

Wish me luck!

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