Friday, May 30, 2008

Patron Deity.

I was a wiccan for six years, and after being unsatisfied with my path for the last time, I began
searching and found ADF--which was like coming home for me. The porblem I had thereafter was that my relationship with Goddess became awkward. It was almost as if the moment I realized there were more than one worthy of my worship and attention, she was waiting for me to call her specifically, by name. Only, I didn't know who she was.

At the suggestion of one of the ADF members I have talked to I began giving offerings to my Deity, and asking for nothing in return but the clarity of vision to know her name. I have lit incense, burned candles, meditated in various places, offered wine and just gave gifts and thoughts to her, that she may reveal herself to me.

At first, because of a dream I had in which the Goddess appeared to me in all white standing in a fire, I assumed it to be Brighid. I did some work with her, and it was good...but she wasn't the one. I looked in Rhiannon, and Athena, whom I have also worked with, but they weren't right, either.

I did a mini-ritual this morning, lit some incense as an offering, opened the gates, and just asked for the Kindred to be with me. I meditated in this fashion, and after a while, I asked of my patron, reveal thyself! I felt very peaceful, but nothing really spectacular happened. I thanked the
Kindred and closed the gates.

As I was getting up, I noticed that my incense cone had gone out. Though my window is open, it is not a breezy day, and I was sure it was burning well before I began. I immediately went to my tarot cards to make sure my offering was accepted. (My first thought was that I did something wrong, haha!)

I drew three cards, as is customary for omen-taking:

Is my offering accepted? Two of Swords (Peace). Yes!

Is there anything else you need from me? Blank card. That would be no.

Information to offer to me in return? The Hermit. I was using my Crowley deck, and if you are not familiar with his deck, the artwork specifically references Persephone, at which point I wept uncontrollably for a moment.

At long last!!!

I have worked with her in the past; she has been inspirational for me. She is the shining example of making lemonade when life gives you lemons. :)

Anyway, she gave me her name today, and I could not ask for a bigger or better gift. My heart is full, and my spirit is at peace.

Hail to Thee, Lady Persephone!

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