Sunday, June 29, 2008

ComFest Solstice Rite

This morning was the second Midsummer ritual for the Cranes, and it went rather well! We met at their booth at our local Community Festival (ComFest). It began to pour as we were doing our pre-ritual briefing. We sent our lone-Druid SB over to the proposed location of the rite (since he had an umbrella) to see if we should opt to hold the ritual in the tent.

Amazingly, as we were deciding the best course of action would be to uphold our ghosti relationship with the ComFest official schedulers and brave the rain, it stopped. The Sun was shining during the rite! We all carried the altar materials over to the site. Mg did the Outdwellers (They got the prettiest donut and a large cup of coffee). We had a few new faces, apparently, but being new myself, it is hard to tell sometimes.

The centering went much better for me than last week. I was able to focus and center myself pretty easily--but I do my best meditations in the morning. I found myself moving into trance and had to force myself to look around. It was very refreshing!

The intoning was new and very different for me. I tend to view all music from a musicians standpoint, and I found the randomness of the notes to be rather distracting. I am currently working on an "Awen," for lack of a better word. It is more of a grove attunement that includes a centering and a vocalization designed to induce a meditative state and to cycle energy. It works for me, but I have never played it for anyone else...seems I need a guinea pig. Hmmm.... It would actually go well with Lughnassadh, because of the imagery in the words.

The opening of the gates and the welcoming of the Kindred were very powerful. There was a lot of heart put into it. I know this ritual in particular is a lot more about show, but the piety was there. The show was there, but the strength behind it was worship and devotion to the gods. MJD told the story of Sulis and Taranus for our working portion of the rite. It was very entertaining. Storytelling is a skill I have gotten pretty good at (three children) so I was happy to see someone else who speaks in the voices of his characters! Well done. We did not take omens so much as we had S use a divination tool I have not seen before--kinda like a di, with multiple sides. Our gifts from the Kindred were Community, Healing and Growth.

We ended the rite shortly thereafter as the first act on the stage behind us was beginning. The omens spoke greatly to me. I have been seeking community and healing, and I am finding both. I had a difficult (for me) conversation with S as we walked back to the tent about losing some important people in my life.

I still find it difficult to talk about (especially since some of the health problems of my ancestors are beginning to manifest themselves in me), but time brings healing and acceptance. I fear I was a bit neurotic during our conversation, but I think he understands. :) I look forward to growth. I find that new growth has a way of repairing the hurt parts of me and making them into something else more fruitful and useful. I met several other members of the grove, and everyone is so nice. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone better and becoming a bigger part of the 3CG family. My heart is full.

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