Sunday, June 15, 2008

First Oath Repeat...

Friday I repeated by First Oath. I decided it was important enough to me and to my God/desses to do it again.

I used an Oath rite I found in a book I am reading (The Fire on our Hearth: Devotional of Three Cranes Grove), and it went much better this time.

I prepped the altar and made myself relax. I did everyting much more sloooowly this time. I used Garanus to open the gates: fire, well, and tree, respectively, and one at a time. I thanked the Earth Mother, and all three Kindred, in turn. I called upon Athena and Persephone, and then the spider on my ceiling prompted me to call on Arachne as well. I was quite for a while before I began speaking. It just felt good to be there. I think that means I did it right, this time.

I made my Oath based on what was in my heart, with no script and no worries about form or poetry. I just laid it all out there and asked them to read my heart and know that I speak truth.

I thanked everyone and dismissed them. I closed the gates--and even remembered to thank the gatekeeper! All in all, I am glad I am here. This has been a valuable lesson, and I am actually looking forward to full ritual in the future. There are times in my life when I am not sure of things, and I hope that there always are. If things stop getting hard, I know I have stopped growing. I can't overcome trials and tribulations if they aren't there in the first place!

(I did not take omens. I didn't feel it was necessary. I somehow just knew it was going to be ok...)

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