Friday, July 18, 2008

Ritual Success!

Today was a good day...

I have decided to do my devotionals every other day and begin doing Rune meditations on the off days. Yesterday was my first Rune meditation. I drew Tyr. I read through the lines in the Rune poem and then read the interpretation of Tyr in the book that came with the Runes. Then, I just pondered. I also started a separate meditation journal for my Rune meds.

Today, I did a full ritual without my cheat sheet. It went superbly! I remembered all the parts. I started with the Earth Mother. I gave her an offering today. I then performed an improvised two powers. I have modified the wording to my own design, but it is the same basic imagery. I start with the Earth Mother and draw from her, and then reach toward the Sky Father, allowing the energies to mix within my core. I had to find a way to stop saying loin (heehee--see what I mean).

From there, I offered to Garanus (I know, I am such a Crane!) and asked him to assist me in opening the gates. At this time, I also acknowledged the unknown Goddess who has shown herself to me in the mists. She has appeared to me several times, and I am unsure who she is, but I am beginning my search much the same way I did with Persephone.After the gates were opened, I lit my candles for the Kindred one at a time, and made their offerings as I lit the respective candles. I them offered to each of my patrons in turn. I spoke my prayers of thanks and whatever else was in my heart. I made my final offering.I took omens using the Runes. It was very positive. My first rune was Raidho--journey. Definite yes on the offerings! I then pulled Algiz and Eihwaz, protection and strength. I feel loved today. :)

I thanked everyone in turn. I closed the gates and ended the rite. I then tossed my offering out the window (steel cut oats into my backyard).It felt good to have such a positive experience today. I know the gods have been pushing me a little hard, and now that I have stopped pushing back, I am hoping to finally make some progress. Now, if I can just finish A History of pagan Europe...

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