Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swimmingly. (Spirits of Place Rite)

Yup, that's how things are going in my spiritual life. Swimmingly.

I recently took up Runes (again), and it is going much better than I had ever hoped. I have been keeping a "rune diary" to track my progress, look for trends, evaluate my progress, etc. I have noticed several runes showing up for me everyday for a while, and then being replaced by another rune that will appear habitually for a while. Sometimes, a rune will appear several days in a row, but change positions in my spread, which I have noted indicates progress in that area.

Today, I finally did a rite specifically to honor the "spirits of place" in my home. I purchased my home in January of 2002, and it has never occured to me that spirits in my home might be interested in a *ghosti relationship with me. I offered them crackers with honey and said some lovely words about the peace and prosperity that has been in my home since we moved here. I was gracious and open with my thanks and specific with the details for what I was thanking them. I also explained to them that I included them in my heart when I give thanks and offerings to the Nature Spirits, for that is what they are to me.

My omens were very positive: Laguz, Fehu and Perthro.

I feel great after having done this, and I look forward to developing this relationship in the future.

Oh, and puppy is awesome!

All is well at La Casa de Burchfield...

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