Monday, July 21, 2008

Team Estrogen Gig

I played my first gig with Team Estrogen in eight months over the weekend, and it went very well! We played at a private nursery/art show at the Scioto Gardens in Dublin. I forgot how much fun it is to play live. We did an entire two-hour set (no set break), and we were very tired by the end. But it was well worth it! The music tent was located in between the Natural Beeswax candles and the food tent. It smelled really good in there! The tables were set up in front of our tent, so the lunchers had a nice view of our show. Plus, it was high traffic, so our audience was never empty. It was exhilarating to see smiling faces every time I looked out into the audience.

I got some very good compliments, as well. Many people walking by thanked us in between songs for "the nice addition to an already great atmosphere." I heard one woman tell my counterpart, "I've never heard anyone cover the Indigo Girls as well as you two." And a woman stopped me later and told me how impressed she was with a cover I did of an Evanescence song: "I can't believe you covered 'My Immortal!' I heard those first couple of chords and realized what you were playing and thought, Good luck! But you nailed it!" feels good to have your ego boosted!

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