Thursday, October 30, 2008

Words to a song I wrote today.

In the midst of a crisis of faith, prayer is often the first to go, but this is exactly when you need to pray the most.

When I find myself alone again, and the world has got me down,
And no one cares about the hurts and heartaches that I’ve found.
I hear the call to enter into the realm my soul calls home,
To the place where all the gods and goddesses are free to roam.
I come before the Kindred with my brokenness and strife,
I pour my heart and soul into the story of my life.
I tell them all about the things I’ve done or I’ve ignored,
And sacrifice the gifts I bring in thanks, in praise, in joy.

And when I’ve finally laid myself to rest with tears upon my shrine,
I sit here where silence abounds,
And then Awen rains down.


When you’re feeling lonely, overworked or overjoyed.
The Kindred are awaiting you with knowledge to employ.
We are called to come into their presence and meet them in our hearts,
Offer up ourselves for all the gifts that they impart.
So when the whole world goes against you, and you feel laid to waste,
Meet your patrons, ancestors, and noble guides with haste.
Go to them, commune a while, and revel in their glow.
The most important gift they give is to know you’re not alone.

And after you've exchanged the gifts for gifts as we are called,
Take heart that all will soon circle ‘round
And then Awen rains down.


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